Suitable for all cats at any stage

Our food is made from fresh human grade meats, offal, egg shell powder,
with the required supplements for cats and plenty of water


How to feed

Our food, which is species and biologically appropriate food is suitable for all cats at any stage. As with any new food, our food should be introduced slowly to your cats. You can try any of the following methods to introduce and transition him to a better and nutritional food.

THE FIRST THING you must do is to stop free feeding your cats. This means that you have to start by feeding your cats his usual food 3 or 4 meals a day at set times. This will condition your cat to have set meal times. Once you have achieved this you can try :

i. Offer a teaspoon of Chunkz/Smoothie to your cat alongside his normal food at every meal. Continue to gradually increase the amount of Chunkz/Smoothie alongside their old food until they are eating it 100%. This may take several weeks.


ii. Offer Chunkz/Smoothie as snacks to your cats. Do this for a week to make sure that they are able to transition to Chunkz/Smoothie without any problems. Then slowly introduce it at meal times to replace his current food.

Our intelligent and Diva-esq cats are known to be finicky eaters so this process may take some time. However if you persevere we promise that the result will be well worth the effort.

Best way to store and thaw our food: 
Chunkz/Smoothie must be kept frozen at all times and to be thawed only before feeding.
Our recommendation is to thaw the packet in the refrigerator for 12 hours before feeding or place the food packet (unopened) in a bowl of room temperature tap water for 1 hour before feeding.
Do not heat our food in any way as the vitamins, amino acids and Omega 3 in our food is heat sensitive and will be destroyed if it is recooked, reheated or microwaved.